12KM Horror Film Boards - SoM exercise

(FICTIONAL) Brief: 12 Kilometers is a horror film set around some Russian miners. They had a rough cut trailer and wanted some ideas to spice the design up a bit. They wanted some inspiration for the title card, end card and how to transition between them. The deliverables were 4-6 boards, including at least one transition from the provided trailer footage as well as how I would treat the title and end card.

My Solution: Definitely a creepy Russian horror feel in the pits of a mining shaft. Wanted to convey that with creeping liquidy/oil transitions and distortions. The let down for me in this project was the creepy hand transition at the end as well as the low-res golden glob of oil in the end title card. I should have found a higher res picture and come up with an interesting way for the hand to transition on.
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