I'm a Motion Graphics Designer (and Organiser of the 'Mograph Brisbane' Meetup) based in sunny Brisbane. I love working with Studios and Brands to turn abstract ideas, scripts and Business goals into concrete, beautifully executed Designs that present Brands/Products in their most authentic and engaging way possible.

Rarely, I speak both Creative and Business which helps me provide Design solutions to real Business problems. I speak both Art and Techincal 'nuts n bolts', so you can understand as much or as little of my Design process as you want to. BONUS: I'm really easy to get along with. Like, spreading butter on fresh toast easy. I guess that makes me butter?

If you are interested in working with me on your next Design project, please gather as much detail as you can and then let's chat.

Mob: 0435 547 125 | Email: duebergang@gmail.com
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