I'm a Freelance 3D Motion Graphics Designer (and Organiser of the 'Mograph Brisbane' Meetup) based in Brisbane. I love working with Studios and Brands to turn abstract ideas, scripts and Business goals into concrete, beautifully executed Designs that present Brands/Products in their most authentic and engaging way possible.

Rarely, I speak both Creative and Business which helps me provide Design solutions to real Business problems. I speak both Art and Techincal 'nuts n bolts', so you can understand as much or as little of my Design process as you want to. BONUS: I'm really easy to get along with. Like, spreading butter on fresh toast easy. I guess that makes me butter?

If you are interested in working with me on your next Design project, let's chat.

Mob: 0435 547 125 | Email: duebergang@gmail.com
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