(FICTIONAL) Brief: IBM is developing a SmartCity concept promoting less traffic, affordable housing and lower energy costs. They want an inviting and friendly Explainer Video (definitely don't want to come across as intrusive!) to demonstrate this concept. IBM provided the Script and some Illustrations.

Challenges: The main challenge was keeping the project goals of openness and friendliness at the forefront of my mind so that it informed all of my Design decisions.

I researched the IBM brand by checking out their brand guidelines and social media, downloaded their colour palettes and started generating some ideas based off the Illustrations I was provided with.
I proceeded to lean off the script while coming up with visual metaphors that represented what the script was talking about, such as a literal lock to represent traffic grid lock. The smooth transitions help convey how the infrastructure changes would be seamless for residents.

Today’s cities have populations they were not designed to support.
And this causes:
Grid-lock on the roads.
A lack of affordable housing.
And, high energy costs.
At IBM, we’re good at solving problems.
So we came up with a solution.
Traffic lights that talk to cars and buses to optimize traffic.
Multi-use buildings designed to keep housing affordable.
An on-demand-grid intelligently providing power only when needed.
We’re working towards a safer, more efficient, more connected city.
A smarter city.
Intrigued? Find out more at IBM.com/smartcity
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