(FICTIONAL) Brief: Premium Beat wanted a 30 second 'Ode to Music' spot boarded out for their brand. The theme is 'The Perfect Song'. They want to emphasize how important music is to the creative experience and that the Premium Beat experience is smooth and fantastic.

This was my final project for Design Bootcamp. These boards won't make a lot of sense without the VO (Voice Over) initially. So I made a short timing block-out video (Animatic) to go with how I imagined the final edit to be with the Voice Over.

Challenges: The openness of the brief as well as the rapid changes of pace the VO made this a real challenge to Design for because I knew we would rapidly have to transition between many different scenes.

Solution: I started out by sourcing some Illustrations from Shutterstock to visually represent the Voice Over. I picked Illustrations because of their style and how they aided the story I was building. The Beach scene in particular, was one I focused on. The contrast of the metal band being transported to a completely different location represents the variety of Music you can find on Premium Beat.

The rapid and almost frenetic changes between scenes match the rapidity of the VO and also the variety of Premium Beat's music selection. The colours used and some background design elements (like the vertical bars that hide or reveal the musicians) are in line with the Premium Beat Brand and help add some visual interest.
Animatic (storyboards timed with Voice Over)

Above: the layer colours helped me stayed organized in the storyboarding process.
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