(FICTIONAL) Brief: Fox is launching a new dance show called Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown and wanted 5-6 Storyboards to show how I would approach a 15 second advertisement for the show. They wanted to see how I would highlight the names of the dance teams, what the end Title card will look like and how I will incorporate the Fox logo. They wanted it to feel sexy and be inspired by the show's unique location in Tokyo.

Challenges: Representing Tokyo visually in a way that wasn't too stereo typical or common - aka something fresh.

Solution: I overcame this by gathering loads of Tokyo based reference from Pinterest. Besides the cool street advertising (which I used as inspiration) I also noticed a recurring triangle theme in some Tokyo street patterns on the ground which I liked and decided to incorporate into my Design.

This triangle visual metaphor secretly represents the fact that there are 3 dancers in each team, and the metaphor could be expanded to other shapes for teams with more dancers. I also used elements of Japanese street advertising as a backdrop for the dancers to give it a fresh Tokyo street vibe.

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